Corporate Catering

Lox-Dairy Trays
  • Ideal for Shivas, Breakfast Meetings, Brunches, Holidays and Celebrations
  • Our trays include smoked salmon, sliced cheeses, sliced tomatoes, sliced cucumber, sliced red onion, capers, olives, fresh bagels and homemade cream cheese for $13 per person
  • We also offer other items a la carte including smoked sable, kippered salmon, creamed herring, herring in wine sauce, homemade tuna, egg and smoked fish salads.
  • See menu for pricing information.


Bagels and Cream Cheese
  • Ideal for morning business meetings, conferences, employee recognition, and brunches
  • Complement your bagel selection with our homemade cream cheeses, individual yogurt and fruit cups, fresh fruit bowls, orange juice, smoked salmon, sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions, sliced assorted cheeses, and 96 ounce coffee boxes
  • See menu for pricing and additional information

In addition to our fresh bagels and cream cheese, New York Bagel offers these other items:

Smoked Salmon (lox)
3 oz. pkg.
Orange Juice
1/2 gallon
Sliced tomatoes
and onions
Assorted sliced cheeses

We can provide napkins, plates, cups, and plasticware upon request.

Please contact Howard Goldsmith at or Phil Goldsmith at or call us at 248.548.2580 to discuss your next catered event.


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